We Walk Together – Painting by Amy Tuso

We Walk Together name and website added

-“We Walk Together” by Amy Tuso: in the rustic leaves and in the trees that line the paths we walk together

Thank you, Amy, for allowing me to use your beautiful painting on my website!

2 thoughts on “We Walk Together – Painting by Amy Tuso

  1. Debra…your site and words are beautiful. Instinctively my soul tells me that you are a blessing to those that come to you in their searching for guidance. I feel light and love surrounding you and am so blessed myself to have you share “We Walk Together” with other seekers. I believe that you and I are “anam cara”. Thank you for you! Blessings today and always…Amy

    • Thank you, Amy! I hope that people who come to visit my site will have the same feeling as I did when I saw “We Walk Together”. Yes, we are anam cara. I can feel your wonderful energy in the painting! Debra

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