I love to hike, sing, write, read, and eat potato chips.  I dabble in photography, and I like creating things with my hands like coiled necklaces, needlepoint, and greeting cards.  I am happily bookish and I will easily buy a book before just about anything else.  I do not watch television, and I do not miss it.  (Well, when everyone seems to know a common TV phrase, I feel a little left out, but mostly I enjoy having time to do as I please.)

I have always felt drawn to helping people to see their own truths.  I am a quiet observer. I do not know the answers.  I do not believe in “magic bullets”.  What I do believe in is love, and the power it has to unleash the best in all of us.  I also believe in doing the worthwhile work of looking deeply at ourselves and honestly asking what we really want to know.  The secret, if there really is one, is to sit quietly and listen for the answers.

Other information about me: